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Company Seal - Pliers Type

A Pliers Type company seal for your limited company available stand-alone, or as part of one of our limited company formation packages

Under UK Company Law there is no requirement for documents to be signed under seal. Any document formerly requiring a seal can be signed “as a deed” by two officers of the company or where there is only a sole director, a witness must also sign. In the case of a sole Director a seal may be applied.

However, there may be circumstances when a seal can be required. For instance, if conducting business overseas or entering into contracts with overseas customers, it is possible that foreign lawyers or local regulations may require that a company affixes an official seal to legal documents, contracts or lease agreements. Commonly called “chopping”


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Many companies still use a seal for executing documents in the UK such as formal contracts and lease agreements. Use of a seal helps to prevent any question of irregularity in the execution of a document as there is usually only one seal available to the signatories and it’s use is closely controlled by the directors or the company secretary



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