AR Company Formations

If most or all of the goods and services you supply are zero-rated

If most of your supplies are zero-rated, you may be able to apply for exemption from registration.

You can apply for an exemption from VAT registration by filling in a VAT registration form, stating why you are applying for an exemption from VAT registration. If some of the supplies you make are VAT taxable you must also show that the VAT you would reclaim on your purchases would normally be more than the VAT you would charge on your sales.
If HMRC agrees you can be exempt from VAT registration, you must inform HMRC of any relevant change in circumstances - for example, if you no longer sell mainly zero-rated goods or services.
If HMRC don't give you an exemption, you will become registered for VAT from the day you should have been registered. You will need to account for VAT from that date.



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